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Our Bay Winds® Lobster Meat is wild-caught and sustainably sourced from the ice-cold waters of the North Atlantic. It is processed here in the U.S., using the highest industry specifications (no cartilage, shell, added body meat), for consistent, superior taste and texture.

This quality meat is 100% dry-packed and natural, using zero chemicals or additives, and we ensure a superior net drain weight so that our customers are paying for the best lobster meat – not water and ice. Bay Winds Lobster Meat is cooked and ready-to-eat, reducing waste and labor costs. You get the best product every time because Performance Foodservice owns the plants for maximum quality control, and we are not dependent on other companies to pack our product.

Overall, lobster meat is versatile while offering premium menu price points. It’s perfect for tacos, pastas, soups, comfort dishes, and of course, seasonal lobster rolls. You’ll get added value with takeout items, as well as simple, fast, and convenient preparation for high profitability.

Tails, You Win

Bay Winds® Lobster Tails are wild-caught and produced domestically, ensuring excellent plate presentation and increased check averages.

Our tails are brine soaked and IQF-frozen, with no dehydration allowed. No cracked shells and no missing fins are packed in Bay Winds Lobster Tail packs, and unlike most packers, our products are de-veined for a longer shelf life and best presentation.

Lobster tails are a great addition to surf ‘n’ turf menu options, for use as innovative appetizers, or as a special limited-time-offer.

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