Now more than ever it is vital to keep your employees’ and customers’ health in mind and to ensure you are adhering to proper food safety and sanitation protocols

We recommend familiarizing yourself and your team with all food safety and sanitation recommendations from ServSafe and your local health departments. In addition, these are the areas to focus on in your operation.

Cleaning vs. Sanitizing

As you sort through food safety requirements, you'll discover many new ways to clean, but it is important to note the differences between cleaning, and sanitizing.

  • Sanitation is the creation and maintenance of conditions that will prevent food contamination or food born illness and lower levels of disease-causing microorganisms to a safe level.
  • Cleaning is removing surface food or dirt for example from a surface area.

After recognizing these differences, use the right cleaners and disinfectants and procedures for the right purpose to create a safe environment for your customers.

Consider the Following:

  • Ensure ServSafe training is up to date.
  • Clean and sanitize entire facility thoroughly with properly diluted chlorine or quaternary ammonium-based disinfectants, throughout the day, during hours of operation.
  • Focus on high touch-point surfaces for sanitizing and disinfecting efforts, including door handles, tables, menus, etc.
  • Perform spot cleaning and sanitizing during the day as needed.
  • Wash hands often to prevent illness transmission.
  • Display hand-washing instructions at all sinks.
  • Ensure hand-washing sinks are easily accessible.
  • Store and label chemicals properly.
  • Keep chemicals away from food and food prep areas.
  • Use single use gloves, face masks/covers, and hair restraints.
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms regularly.
  • Make hand sanitizer available to guests.

Additional Resources

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*This information is presented for guidance only, and is not a formal endorsement or recommendation of a particular response. This information is not legal, financial, medical, or safety advice. Please consult the CDC and your state’s department of public health for up-to-date guidance for your location.

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