Digital marketing is everywhere from your phone to highway billboards to even restaurants and retailers! In-store digital marketing is a great way to catch customers attention right at point of sale with impactful content at the right time - morning breakfast, midday lunch specials and evening dinner and drinks drive up sales.

RTT’s primary goal is to help restaurant operators and retailers increase sales by providing a turn-key and reliable digital signage solution with managed services. It only takes a minimal amount of time commitment as RTT can create content and manage the displays to be used for:
  • Menu Boards day-parted for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Marketing Boards with messages to promote specials and featured products
  • Promotion Boards for holiday and event messaging

Deploying digital signage is easy and affordable for any size business.

Any business can deploy and manage RTT’s Digital Signage without any prior experience. All it takes is a few minutes to simply plug in the HDMI cable and power. The PC will boot up and begin playing the content automatically. No special display is required allowing customers to use existing TVs to deploy digital signage very easily and affordably.

  • Equipment is backed by Lifetime Warranty: RTTSmart Sign industrial grade PCs are powered by Quad Core processor and solid-state drive for optimal performance.
  • Cloud Based Real-Time Content Manager allows clients to manage any display from anywhere in the world using any device with a browser.
  • Guaranteed Uptime and Easy to Maintain: RTT offers 99% guaranteed uptime with FREE backup equipment that can be managed by any employee.

How Does the Program Work? 

  1. Simply provide a copy of the current menu with list of items – if applicable a brief description and calorie count, price and any other pertinent information for creating the digital menu boards.
  2. Provide your own photos and videos to be included in creating an impressive slideshow. You can also choose images and videos from the library that best represent the items you would like to include in creating the presentation. 
  3. Our experienced designers will create an impressive digital menu boards specific to your business. 
  4. Deployment doesn’t get any easier. Plug in the power and HDMI cables and your very own digital menu board will start displaying in about 1 minute. 
  5. You can make changes as often as you like by contacting our dedicated team of designers. Your digital menu boards will be automatically updated within 48-72 hours. 

Performance Foodservice Operators Only:

  • Save $2000/display - FREE Industrial Grade PC, 50”-55” Display
  • Turn-key full HD 5 display video digital menu boards at only $399/Month

RTT Digital Signs is designed for independents, multi-location and franchise operators. Find out more about special pricing for Performance Foodservice customers and request a demo today through the One Source program!

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