Increase efficiencies and retain top talent, while providing exceptional customer service, with autonomous robotic solutions from Bear Robotics.

Whether you are in the business of fine dining or fast-casual, five-star service is the core of any restaurant experience. When your customers take the time to dine with you, there are certain expectations that hinge on the quality of service and care of your staff.

At Bear Robotics, we understand these expectations because we have grown and evolved from a foundation that is deeply rooted in the restaurant service industry. Our hospitality robots improve efficiency and workflow, reducing stress on your staff and enabling them to confidently tackle more tables, while increasing ticket averages, as well as tips, resulting in meaningful and lasting connection with your customers.

Meet Servi – “Intelligent Automation for Hospitality”, Bridging the Gap Between Better Service and Superior Efficiency

As a state-of-the-art service robot, Servi is the smartest and the most economical way to reduce labor burdens, eliminate repetitive work, and create more meaningful interactions with your customers. With an extensive list of features, Servi can navigate environments from restaurants, bars, hotels, or entertainment spaces, while delivering orders, bussing tables, and enabling enhanced hospitality.

  • Perfect for the independent operator, and or local hospitality/restaurant groups, as well as regional and national chains, and senior communities.
  • 100% self-driving using advanced LiDar sensors and cameras.
  • Auto return - from expo-to-table and table-to-dish pit.
  • Extended battery life - up to 12 hours of continuous use.
  • Onsite robot deployment, mapping, and staff training.
  • Full warranty, with offsite and onsite support through Bear Robotics.
  • Data and analytics to measure ROI.
  • NSF certified.

All Performance Foodservice One Source customers receive a special robot as a service leasing rate of 20% off, with additional combined savings on shipping/deployment. To get started with a customized consultation from a Bear Robotics sales representative, please sign up for One Source today!

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