Recycle your fry oil into renewable energy…and get paid!

Clean Energy Biofuels collects used waste restaurant fryer cooking oil from over a thousand restaurants in the southeast and recycles it into biodiesel. All of our biodiesel produced is used as a road fuel or to produce clean electric energy. None of our processed biodiesel goes towards food ingredients for livestock

The used cooking oil is taken to our biodiesel production facility in Monroe, Georgia. At our facility, we perform the entire biodiesel production process; filtering, reaction, separation, transesterification, drying, and processing of the biodiesel according to ASTM d6751. Our biodiesel production process is electric powered by a 170 kw solar array, and the resulting fuel has 87% less carbon and 75% fewer emissions than diesel.

Benefits Of Working With Us

  • On time collection of your oil. Every time. If you are running a busy restaurant the last thing on your mind is the collection of your used cooking oil.
  • Competitive rates. You receive a check quarterly by mail.
  • All of our production goes to road fuel. Not feed. Have you ever wondered what happens to recycled cooking oil? Some companies sell it to be used to feed animals. Not us.
  • Biodiesel is the cleaner road fuel. The combustion of biodiesel as a transportation fuel generates less pollution and carbon.
  • Independently owned and operated. Privately held and based in Georgia since 2008, we are not listed on the stock market and not owned by private equity. We are not purely bottom-line driven. We run a business that supports the agricultural sector, our customers, and our employees.

Getting Started Is Easy

  • We will bring you a receptacle for oil collection at no cost.
  • Just pour the oil into the receptacle and we collect the oil
  • You receive a check quarterly by mail.

We have been producing biodiesel at this facility since 2008. Our biodiesel is sold throughout the southeast. We are fully EPA compliant and have partnered with the USDA to facilitate our growth.

If your restaurant or food service facility is located in the southeast then sign up through One Source so we can start helping you get paid for your used fry oil and help the environment.

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