Operate your leanest kitchen with the sweetest margins using Craftable’s profit management platform.

Craftable integrates seamlessly with Performance Foodservice to receive order guides and automated invoice through EDI - specially offered to our customers at no cost!

Craftable is a fully-mobile back-office platform for inventory, invoicing, recipe-cost management, accounting, and analytics. Designed for hospitality by the industry’s leading experts. Simple for the floor, powerful for the office. Craftable significantly lowers food, beverage, and labor costs by combining your vendor purchases with sales. The cloud-based platform is available to use on any device- desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Craftable pulls your POS sales ticket and labor data to give you unprecedented visibility into your true costs. By putting together sales and purchases, restaurant operators are able to have real-time inventory and profit tracking. Craftable automates the P&L by bringing together ordering, payments, inventory, invoices, menu costing, and more.

  • Intuitive design with offline mode to help you count and order anywhere in your restaurant
  • Simple for an independent restaurant, perfect for hospitality/restaurant groups, robust enough for the regional or national chain with Director enterprise mode
  • Available on any device, tablet or smartphone
  • Unlimited, anytime support and training
  • Over 40+ POS integrations, 6000+ Vendor Integrations, 20+ Accounting integrations to combine all of your systems
  • Reduce your pour costs by 3-5%, food costs by 2 -3%, and labor costs by 50%.

Performance Foodservice customers receive special pricing which includes complimentary POS integration along with complimentary ordering and electronic invoicing with PFG (value of over $700). Sign up through One Source to learn more!

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