Protect Your Business From Fruit Flies

For many restaurants and bars in America, the floor drains are often most overlooked as a significant source of sanitation and savings... as in saving you time, saving you money, and saving you from having to deal with health inspectors and annoying fruit flies.

With sanitation more sensitive than ever, DMS provides Performance Foodservice restaurant operators the most effective and affordable solutions using only organic and non-insecticidal products.

Our patented three step process involves manually cleaning the drains where the flies breed and harbor, steaming them at 200 degrees (to remove all the eggs, larvae, and everything the bugs use for nesting and nourishment), then applying our fruit fly forcefield gel treatment.

This is why exterminators and other companies fail fighting fruit flies. Because to get rid of the bugs, it is imperative to get rid of their breeding environment in your drains.

Features include:

  • Eliminating fruit flies.
  • Ensuring plumbing works better than ever by removing blockages, stoppages, and debris.
  • Eradicating bad odors.
  • Maintaining a safer environment.
  • Prohibiting other pests like cockroaches from entering the building through the drains.

Benefits include:

  • Special pricing including 10% off for all Performance Foodservice customers.
  • Fruit fly-free environment.
  • Monthly routine check-ins to ensure our standards are always being met

Additional Products:

  • FFC10 Restaurant/Bar safe bug spray.
  • DIY Drain Cleaner Kit.
  • Kitchen cleaner for restoring metals and removing years of rust stains.
  • Tile and grout restorer.
  • Slip Fix to clean floors and prevent falls

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