Get instant nutrition and allergen analysis for your menu.

Nutrition Calculation & Allergen Awareness Made Simple

Diners are increasingly looking for nutrition related questions when eating out, and for restaurants with 20+ locations, the FDA now mandates that you show this nutrition information to your guests. With MenuCalc’s online nutrition analysis calculator, complying with menu labeling laws, or providing allergen information for your menu items just got even easier.

Powered by MenuCalc’s ingredient insights, restaurants can now display their nutrition and allergen information using a live interactive digital menu page, called SmartMenu. Replacing the cumbersome and static Nutrition Guide PDFs formerly used, your guests can now customize a menu item or meal to their dietary specifications using MenuCalc as the engine. Trusted by over 45,000 locations for 15+ years, see how MenuCalc can support you in this dietary dining era.

What Can MenuCalc Do for You?

  • Access 300,000+ ingredients, making recipe analysis streamlined and efficient.
  • Use automatic allergen filters across all recipes with MenuCalc’s intuitive flagging wizard.
  • Provide instant nutrition calculations, per plated serving or broken out via sub-recipes.
  • Use menu categorization features to support easy recipe organization.
  • Sync nutrition exports realtime from your MenuCalc account to a branded guest facing interactive nutrition display.
  • Eliminate the time-consuming process of uploading and downloading PDF Menus.
  • View guided video tutorials to MenuCalc’s software and live chats with nutritionists for extra guidance.

Revolutionize your menu and diners’ experience with instant nutrition analysis for your menu and real-time nutrition reporting via MenuCalc’s interactive display, synced directly to your MenuCalc account. Say goodbye to PDF downloading and uploading!

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