Performance Foodservice is proud to be the exclusive foodservice distributor of NCR Silver, the ultimate point-of-sale system for your growing operation.

"Our complete solution is built specifically to fit the needs of all types of small businesses and flexible enough to meet the needs of YOUR business. At NCR Silver, we truly understand and care about the needs of our small business clients and work to help you meet your goals at every step of the way. Just like Performance Foodservice, we want to empower small businesses around the world to do what they love in the best way possible, and to help their empires thrive.

Our goal is to enhance the experience of both you and your customers. Our solutions are designed to create an effortlessly sophisticated interaction between you and your customer — seamless, streamlined, and impressive — to make your life easier, and your customer experience richer."  —NCR Silver

Why NCR Silver is the Best Technology Partner for Your Small Business


  • Technology that is cloud-based and mobile, giving you the freedom to move.
  • Technology built for single or multiple locations, giving you the freedom to expand.
  • Solutions that are compatible with all major credit card processors and affiliates.
  • iOS or Android, consumer-grade or purpose built devices, mobile or stationary hubs, NCR Silver gives you the freedom to choose.

Simplified Technology That Always Works

  • Designed for small business by the leaders in big restaurant technology. NCR Silver brings best practices to your business, improving your results and efficiency.
  • Works offline so even when the internet goes down, you’re still driving revenue.
  • Easy, intuitive experience.
  • Simplicity and ease of use are NCR Silver's guiding principles in every solution they create.

More Than Just a Point-of-Sale

  • Does more than just help manage transactions; integrated email, loyalty, and business management tools help drive business growth.
  • Uncover a deeper understanding of your business results with advanced reporting tools.
  • Work with a team that truly understands best practices for growing businesses — with more than a century of experience and know-how — NCR Silver has solutions to grow with you.

Invaluable Support

  • On-boarding support via the concierge team; they do the heavy lifting of getting everything set up so you don’t have to.
  • 24/7/365 customer care via multiple communication channels; text, chat, email, and phone. You can get the answers you need the way you want.
  • Subscription-based service means you are always running the most up-to-date version with no additional cost.

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