The Restaurant Rockstars Academy is designed to ensure that you not only succeed but that you KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK! We want you to be as PROFITABLE as possible AS SOON as possible and build crazy customer loyalty with your dream team staff.

The Restaurant Academy

  • Start Up Roadmap
  • All Logistics
  • Create An Unstoppable Brand
  • Build Your “Dream Team” Staff
  • Know + Analyze Your Critical Numbers
  • Deliver Amazing Service
  • And Just Plain Simple… Make More Money!

“Roger is a wealth of knowledge with all facets of the restaurant business. He shares freely his secrets to running a successful restaurant. Going through his coaching program has been a huge help! The end result will pay dividends.”…Brian K., Restauranteur/GM, Hailey, ID

Rock Your Restaurant Financial Course & Systems

Rock Your Restaurant is a powerful new tool for owners and managers with easy-to-implement financial systems and fully operational, downloadable spreadsheets. New and seasoned restaurateurs alike discover game-changing tips to run a tighter ship and identify the critical numbers driving your bottom line.

  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Menu Costing System
  • Inventory Systems
  • Purchasing System
  • Labor Cost System
  • Break-Even System
  • Automated Spreadsheets with Audio Tutorials
  • How to Cost Out A Profitable Menu
  • Bar Tools – picking distributors, product mix options…and more
  • Profit Maximizer

Performance Customers receive a 10% discount on the RESTAURANT ACADEMY training program by using promo code pfgacademy10off at checkout.

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