Tablee, ensure your guests are always heard. Tablee provides a modern solution that digitally captures and communicates your guests’ needs so you can provide the exceptional experience every time.

Tablee ProductHow It Works

Small, sleek, waterproof Tablee Taps are placed on each table. Smaller than a drink coaster, Taps do not take up valuable table space. When guests require service, they simply press the button on the Tap and your staff is instantly notified the table number and time of request via Tablee-provided smartwatches.

Tablee helps drive revenue, reduce complaints, and improve online reviews. Check out this scenario as an example:

You’re out to eat on a Friday night with a group of friends. The meal was great and the group agrees on one more round before heading home. A few minutes go by and your server hasn’t come to the table. You understand the server is busy; it’s a crowded Friday night, but the moment passes and the group decides to head home.

In this scenario, you’ve missed out on a full round of your most profitable menu items, and your guests left a little less happy than they could have. With Tablee, you can capture the craving of this moment and leave your guests completely happy. The ticket is larger ensuring your server receives a bigger tip. Your guests may now be more likely to leave a better online review, recommend you to a friend, or come back sooner.

Tablee’s Family of Products

  • Management Center - Cloud-based application to reassign tables and sections from any wifi connected device. Managers track live requests and monitor servers real-time, while trending performance data. Multi-unit operators can, for the first time in history, track site service performance with quantitative front-of-house data.
  • Kitchen Connect - Back-of-house instantly notifies servers of ready orders for their specific tables.
  • Menu Holders - Clear acrylic frame for rotating promotionals and/or Tablee how-to inserts.

All Performance Foodservice One Source customers receive a 10% discount on a 2-year lease and a 5% discount on a 1-year lease. Base pricing includes on-site training, 24-hour customer service, Taps, Watches, and Chargers. Additional fees for Management Center, Kitchen Connect and Menu Holders.

Tablee is perfect for restaurants, hotels, pools, bars, nightclubs, comedy clubs, sports stadiums, cruise ships, and any other establishment where guests require service.

To get started, sign up for the Performance Foodservice One Source program today and request more information about Tablee.

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