Built to meet the unique needs of the restaurant industry, TouchBistro makes running a restaurant easier.

It helps thousands of restaurateurs around the world streamline and simplify their operations by providing the most essential front of house, back of house, and guest engagement solutions on one easy-to-use platform.

Increase Sales

TouchBistro was designed to help you boost on- and off- premise orders and serve more customers in less time. Increase average check size, reduce costly errors, drive repeat business, and turn tables faster with TouchBistro.

Deliver a Great Guest Experience

TouchBistro makes it easy to provide a seamless, personalized experience and reward loyal customers. Guarantee order accuracy, reduce wait times, and serve customers with takeout, dine-in, or delivery – wherever and however they’re ordering.

TouchBistro Operator ScreenSave Time and Money

TouchBistro increases efficiency by making it faster and easier than ever before to train staff, place orders, and view reports. Find cost savings, reduce food waste, monitor staff performance, improve FOH-to-BOH communication, and more with easy-to-use tools and reporting.

POS Features

Our restaurant POS software comes equipped with all of the features you need to streamline your operations and boost your profit margin.

Floor Plan & Table Management: Customize and edit your floor plan on the go by looking at critical factors like distance between tables, time seated, and spend per table.

Menu Management: Upsell with ease, manage on- and off-premise orders, and easily build and update menus from anywhere.

Reporting & Analytics: Make informed business decisions faster with more than 50 reports that provide deep insights into sales trends, staff performance, and much more.

Inventory Management: Understand your food costs, reduce waste, and alert staff when items are low with restaurant inventory management software built right into your POS.

Tableside Ordering: Move lines and place orders faster by taking TouchBistro onto the floor – plus, effortlessly add more registers when your busy season hits.

Bill Splitting: Help your servers instantly split bills between customers, evenly or by item – all with a simple swipe.

Staff Management: Easily manage your team and shift schedule, streamline payroll, and optimize labor costs with staff management software built just for restaurants

App Integrations: Our restaurant POS software integrates with best-in-class technology solutions, making it a truly all-in-one platform for powering your business.

Our Products

Choose from a range of add-on products to expand your core POS, for a true all-in-one solution that helps you do more, sell more, and save more. When all of your critical restaurant technology works together seamlessly in one system, your business can run more efficiently.

  • Online Ordering
  • Reservations
  • Loyalty
  • Gift Cards
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Kiosk
  • Digital Menu Board
  • Customer Facing Display

Performance Foodservice customers will save on installation fees ($400 value) with Touch Bistro. Learn more by signing up with One Source today!