VDC How it WorksVirtual Dining Concepts is changing the restaurant industry forever by providing the easiest solution to help restaurants maximize their kitchen space & generate an extra $500+ per day in to-go sales!

In less than 30 days, restaurants partners can become fulfillment partners for one of our celebrity brands & start generating revenue.

  • Partner with Performance Foodservice to get the necessary SKUs for the menus!
  • We train your team how to make & execute these profitable recipes!
  • Turn on the tablet & start receiving orders!

With millions of hungry customers across the US, these brands will surely make an impact in generating revenue for your location – not to mention, bring the national backing & marketing of these concepts into your local town!

Performance Foodservice customers receive $200 credit towards Branded Packaging! Learn more about Virtual Dining Concepts by signing up for One Source today!

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