Grow your restaurant empire with financing and marketing that works with you.

inKind has reinvented the way restaurants are funded by offering a unique model that delivers non-dilutive growth capital upfront in exchange for food and beverage credit.

inKind funding allows restaurants of all sizes to grow without sacrificing equity, a huge incentive for those looking to expand their business while maintaining ownership and creative control.

inKind's modern funding network offers real, long-term engagement with customers and provides a solution that allows concepts to grow in a way that traditional funding cannot.

Benefits of inKind

  • Access to non-dilutive capital that is cheaper than any form of funding available.
  • Highly customized digital marketing solutions, aimed at growing your brand, and harnessing your best customers.
  • Increased top-line revenue
  • Drives in new customers and increases customer retention.
  • Increases customer spend by 80% per visit.
  • No restrictions on the uses of the capital provided as long it benefits the restaurant.
  • Detail POS data that tracks consumers ordering that can be tracked through the inKind manager’s app.

Performance Foodservice customers are eligible for PRS-inKind capital. This program allows our clients to receive a greater amount of upfront capital compared to typical inKind customers. Get started at or sign up through One Source today!

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