Always Food Safe is an ANSI Accredited, Video-Based Food Safety Training Company with all training 100% online. They understand that Food Safety Certification Training can traditionally be tedious and boring, so they make it fun and engaging to keep it interesting, which in turn means more knowledge will be retained.

Fully Accredited Training

Always Food Safe’s training is set against the FDA Food Code 2017, so all learnings are up to date with the most recent regulations. All certifications are offered in both English & Spanish.

Training Offered

Food Protection Manager Training & Exam: 8-hour training & 2 hour proctored exam

This training gives Managers the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to oversee the safe storage, preparation, and service of food in the workplace. It is a US legal requirement to have at least one Certified Food Manager on duty during your business hours. ASK about Remote and Internal proctoring options!

Food Handler Training & Exam: 2 hours to complete

This is an essential course for any front of house or kitchen staff member that covers important basics of food safety, including COVID-19 guidance, whether a legal requirement or not. It is a legal requirement in 8 states for anyone working within a foodservice establishment to be Food Handler certified. The states are California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, West Virginia and Hawaii.

Allergen Awareness Training & Exam: 1 hour to complete

With over 15 million Americans now having some form of foodborne illness, regulations are getting tighter every year. This life-saving training teaches staff about the major allergens and how to safely prepare and serve food for those affected. The following 4 states require a person on staff to be certified and present with this additional training: Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

All Performance Foodservice customers receive a 10% discount on all classes using promo code ONESOURCE10. Sign up through One Source today and find out when you can start your next training!

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