The GREAT (Gluten-free Resource Education Awareness Training) Kitchens online comprehensive training and accreditation program focuses on the essentials of preparing and serving gluten-free options for all gluten-free diners, including those with gluten-related disorders.

It addresses every step from sourcing ingredients to avoiding cross-contact. Training courses offer a team-based approach with industry best practices, including each staff member's role in providing a safe gluten-free meal for any type of foodservice operation. GREAT Kitchens and Schools programs are offered by Beyond Celiac, a leading advocacy organization committed to improving awareness and understanding of celiac disease and support those with gluten-related disorders to live life to the fullest. 

Five Multi-Media Modules Online

Module 1: Gluten-Free Guests: Demographics and needs of all gluten-free guests.

Module 2: Ingredients: How to identify sources of gluten, replace ingredients, read labels, and expand menu options to include gluten-free choices.

Module 3: Back of House: How to set up a gluten-free station, dry and cold storage tips, and equipment concerns. Explore production hot spots and create gluten-free protocols to eliminate mistakes and save time.

Module 4: Front of House: Learn communication techniques for hosts, wait staff, kitchen team, and management to ensure customers receive safe gluten-free meals. Tips to build confidence in staff and customer trust and loyalty.

Module 5: Implementation: (Included in Management Courses) Developing, maintaining, and assessing your gluten-free program to go from good to GREAT.

(100 page manual containing review of course content, plus training resources, recipes and more with Management Courses.)


Performance Foodservice customers will receive a 20% discount on Management and Standard courses. 

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