Training is the essential cornerstone of any restaurant and many restaurants simply don’t have the time or just don’t train their service staff on both service and sales.

These restaurants leave significant dollars on the table every shift every month of the year. Worst of all, restaurateurs can’t be sure of the sometimes damaging things servers can and do say to customers. Sales Stars is designed to comprehensively train both floor managers and staff in key concepts to:

  • Deliver a superior guest experience.
  • Make more money for both the server and the restaurant.
  • Compel customers to return and spread the word about your restaurant!

It includes a 1-hour training video on the key “SALES STARS” concepts, then supplies a series of proven training exercises for use in pre-shift and server training meetings to condition the staff. If the concepts and exercises are embraced and routinely practiced, check averages are guaranteed to rise, while the guest experience is enhanced.

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