Sports fans don’t mess around when it comes to gameday foods. They love the classics, and BBQ is always an MVP. Smoke the competition and pack the house with some juicy ideas for adding BBQ to menus.

Snack Attack

Every game begins with the best starters. Set up for success with hearty shareables and dips. Combine gooey smoky goodness with pimento cheese dip featuring Ridgecrest® Pulled Pork, pickled jalapeño peppers, and sharp cheddar. Or top baked mac ‘n’ cheese with pulled pork and a tangy BBQ sauce to really get fans cheering. Candied burnt ends, crispy pork belly lollipops, or pretty much any shareable wrapped in smoky bacon are sure to win over guests.

All-Star Pizza Players

Two American favorites – pizza and BBQ – will always play well with crowds when combined. Marry the two by topping a pie with Ridgecrest® Pit-Smoked & Seasoned Whole Beef Brisket, pickled onion, mozzarella, and a drizzle of your favorite BBQ sauce for a brisket pizza that’s sure to blitz patrons’ taste buds. Since international flavors are still trending, sending those into the game can give your ticket sales a turbo boost. Korean BBQ is one consumers are most interested in trying, with more than 50% expressing interest. Consider a Korean BBQ chicken pizza with spicy kimchi, red onion, and a savory BBQ sauce. Or cash in on the birria craze for a pizza topped with hearty Contigo® Barbacoa Beef and Contigo® Birria Sauce, Cotija cheese, jalapenos, and a side of juicy birria sauce for dipping.

Score with Sammies

Sliders, sandwiches, and subs are a safe and popular bet on gameday, and there is not much that pleases a crowd quite like the classic BBQ sandwich. Ridgecrest® Pulled Pork is a perfect choice to serve up with creamy slaw, toasted buns, or Hawaiian sandwich sliders slathered in sauce. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a grilled Nashville hot chicken sandwich, or a hearty grilled Philly cheesesteak. Don’t forget to offer some smoky goodness for the vegetarian and vegan crowd with a BBQ jackfruit or tofu sandwich.

Platter Play

Combo deals are an excellent way to satisfy hungrier sports fans and boost ticket sales. Serve up several different platter options where customers can create their own with their choice of smoked meat, sides, and sauce. This can be used for your appetizer and snack menus as well by offering three or four smoky or grilled small bites for the table to share while they wait for entrées.

Get Your Grill (Kit) On

Consider having a gameplan for those watching The Big Game at home. BBQ tailgating packages can provide an extra revenue stream for takeout and delivery. Offer bulk sizes for classic sides such as baked beans or potato salad and package mac ‘n’ cheese, rolls, one or two smoked meats, coleslaw, and sauces for a set price. Offer a la carte add-on options like desserts, appetizers, or soda, making it easy on customer to get everything they need in one place. Advertise on your website and social channels in advance to help sports fans plan their party early.

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