Fish or shellfish, the bounty of the sea, is the perfect source for a burger patty. The only hard part is narrowing down which variety you want to go with. 

Try making a seafood cake. Minced scallop, lump crab, and shrimp bound together with a little West Creek® Mayonnaise or Mustard, then lightly fried will let you solve the dilemma without choosing just one. Bay Winds® 51/50 count shrimp are packed with loads of flavor, despite their small size, and are also visually pleasing inside the cake.

Salmon burgers are seen on menus everywhere, but the result is often a little dry. Basting your patties with a teriyaki or garlic ginger glaze can help, as can drizzling them with a vinaigrette. The big question, from what are you making your patty? Fresh salmon could make your patty prohibitively expensive, unless your operation is large enough to have left over cuttings from prep. Frozen salmon can work, although it still makes for an expensive burger. An interesting alternative is canned salmon. The flavor and texture of canned salmon works perfectly for a burger and if you reserve the liquids from the can, it helps keep your burger from drying out. Panko bread crumbs, salt and pepper, a little egg and minced onion are really all that’s needed to make the perfect salmon patty.

Tuna, especially Empire's Treasure® Canned Albacore, is also a prime choice for burger making. Affordable and abundant, it tends not to dry out as salmon can while the milder flavor appeals to those who avoid stronger fishes. Toss with fish sauce, cilantro, mint, a little sugar and soy sauce, then dip the patty in Panko before frying. All it then needs to finish is a crunchy Asian slaw on top to bring the plate together.

Scandinavians have been been making fishcakes for, well, ever. Fiskefrikadeller, Danish fishcakes, translates perfectly into a fish burger for today’s tastes. Traditionally made with cod or pollock, Empire's Treasure Tilapia is a great affordable substitute. Roughly mince the fish in a food processor, along with onion, salt and white pepper, egg yolk and potato flour. Sprinkle in chopped chives and fold in egg whites that you've beaten to soft peaks before lightly frying in a half inch of oil. Serve it all up with a remoulade and you’ll have a popular burger not found on other menus.

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