"Getting healthier" has always been a New Year's resolution that often fades by February. In 2024, however, experts say health is here to stay. As longevity hacks become more mainstream, people are no longer just considering their lifespan, but their healthspan — or quality of life.

Catering to the healthy crowd in ‘24 doesn't have to involve new-fangled mock meats or superfoods we can't pronounce — this year is all about taking food back to its roots. Here are the top trends to help clean up your menus for a healthy start.

Bye, Bye, Bye

Predictions point to ‘24 being the most vegan year yet, however, heavily processed faux-meats like certain plant-based burgers will no longer cut it. This year, whole foods are the priority — veg-heads want options made of actual plants. That means including entrées highlighting real veggies, legumes, nuts, and seeds. So, pulse your own beet and bean burgers from scratch, or experiment with thick-pattied Green Origin® Original Veggie Patties — the perfect base that can soak up any sauce and stand up to a pile of fresh toppings.

Must-Have Mushrooms

Another essential meat stand-in has always been the mushroom — for its texture, yes, but also for its vitamins, minerals, and immune-supporting properties. Sauté chunky coins of trumpets in brown butter for an elegant dish that perfectly mimics scallops. Or thick-slice lion's mane, marinate, and sear for a buttery mushroom steak with brain-boosting power!

It's not only vegans ready to indulge in the myriad health benefits of mushrooms. Easily upsell sautéed oysters or shiitake to upgrade that eye of round. Or offer a sprinkle of reishi mushroom powder into your grilled chicken rice bowls for a heart-healthy add-on.

Also, as more people reconsider their relationship to caffeine, look to brands that offer coffee alternatives made with medicinal fungi that reduce stress and eliminate the jitters. The trend is already taking off — mushroom coffee videos have more than 8 million views on TikTok alone!

Behold Buckwheat

Awareness of the importance of the gut biome has consumers still avoiding gluten while additionally looking for prebiotics. Buckwheat checks both boxes — and is what many consider to be the biggest trend of 2024.

Rich in protein, antioxidants, and fiber, buckwheat is naturally gluten-free because it isn't actually a grain at all — rather, a seed that can be ground and used just like any flour. Swap in anything from waffles to dinner rolls to pizza crust to accommodate any diet. Buckwheat groats can even function as a healthier substitute for white rice or couscous. Try toasting them for a gluten-free granola or for a healthier crunchy salad-topper.

Bring on the Botanicals

Increased focus on wellness means the reach of botanicals will spread well beyond tea — though beverages remain a perfect vessel to deliver the complex flavors and health benefits botanicals provide. Wellness shots of ginger-turmeric juice would be a fun addition to Sunday Brunch, or concoct an elderberry syrup bartenders can mix into mocktails with benefits. Since the term botanicals includes a vast array of herbs, roots, and flowers — some of which are adaptogenic and regulate stress — we will see applications well beyond drinks.

Press edible flowers like borage and nasturtium into focaccia for beautiful bready works of art. Or look to botanical powders that can add vibrant color and nutrition to your dishes. Try ground chlorella for gorgeous green pasta or stir some butterfly pea flower powder into yogurt for a bright blue breakfast that will even impress the kids.

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