What did the sushi say to the bee? Wassabee! Dad jokes have been mortifying kids for generations. But just like dads, we love ‘em. With a little more than a month to go, get your Father’s Day plans ready to celebrate all the wonderful father figures out there.

Mom just got her flowers, and hopefully plenty of calls and glasses of rosé. Now it’s time to turn our attention to dads. Our fathers never need much — except some dang peace and quiet — but it’s still a good idea to have an advance plan in place for one of the busiest restaurant days of the year.

What Does a Hungry Computer Eat? Chips!

And you know what goes great with chips? Beer. Dads tend to be fond of the occasional adult beverage. Hey, he didn’t get that dad bod for nothing. Start off your festivities with events that celebrate the dadly palate, like transforming your parking lot into a temporary branded beer garden.

Or consider partnering with a local brewery to arrange for a pop-up run by your catering or food truck staff. This can help you offer service in multiple locations and spread brand awareness. Throughout the week leading up to Father’s Day, hold a special Dad Happy Hour, complete with a snacks menu that could include bacon-wrapped mini corndogs or tajin-seasoned popcorn. And if you have an impressive whiskey collection, host a ticketed tasting for those barrel-chested dads.

What’s a Fake Noodle Called? An Impasta

You know the dads who constantly talk about their high-school sports achievements? Put their competitiveness to the test with feats of strength and games, such as a branded cornhole tournament or dad trivia. Set up a basketball hoop, and have fathers shoot to win a round of drinks for their table or a round of golf or baseball tickets. May the best dad win!

What Did One Plate Say to Another? Dinner’s On Me!

Dads love a good story. Incorporate some sourcing storytelling into your menu or your waitstaff presentations with the tales behind unique brands. For instance, serve up a Braveheart® Chili Crusted Strip Loin and talk about what makes Braveheart Black Angus Beef so special — cornfed certified Angus beef, raised on family ranches in America’s heartland. You can tout your beef’s commitment to quality and animal husbandry, along with a PathProven® DNA tracing process that ensures unparalleled taste.

Mention that your pizza and Italian ingredients are sourced from authentic Old Country roots, with a legacy that dates back to Bradley Beach, N.J. in 1955, and even further back to the Piancone family in Corato, Bari, in southeastern Italy. Mr. Louis G. Piancone was the founder of Roma®, and his sons still carry on the family tradition in Italian foodservice today.

Why Don’t Eggs Tell Jokes? They Might Crack Up

Dads are always getting roasted by their kids. It’s time to turn the tables by hosting a Father’s Day Stand-up Comedy Night. Let the dad jokes fly! Or continue the open-mic concept by inviting dads to come onstage and show off their musical chops.

Consider running a best dad contest on your social channels, with submissions from your regulars — you can even name a house drink after the winner. Get your staff in on the act by letting them highlight what makes their own fathers special. And don’t forget that dads have swag too! Design shirts, hats, and beer glasses that play up the relationship between dads and your brand.

Of course, it’s always appropriate to recognize our veteran dads who have sacrificed so much. Create a discount or giveaway for servicemembers and their families and shout them out on your social media. And it’s also important to remember that not all father figures are parents. Some are mentors, teachers, coaches, and more. Find a way to recognize them, as well.

Hey dad, what are you eating? Don’t worry about it, it’s nachos. Ha, never gets old. Keep the dad jokes coming and optimize one of the biggest restaurant days of the year with a celebration of all things dad.

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