For consumers, there’s no busier time than the fall. School’s back in session; tailgates and backyard parties are bringing folks together. With all these activities, it’s important for restaurants to consider having a takeout/delivery service that reaches diners wherever they are. Score big with authentic apps and shareables that are prep-friendly, cost-effective, and travel well.

Parties Go Back to the Future

The fall slate is packed with events of all kinds: back-to-school gatherings for younger kids and college students; fall festivals; football watch parties; Halloween spooky celebrations; even offices re-opening with employee activities. These are all opportunities to serve consumers and generate revenue away from the dining room.

One trend that has maintained its trajectory out of the pandemic is a craving for nostalgic comfort food. People want familiar classics they grew up with, just with a modern-day spin. Apps like Luigi® Breaded Mozzarella Sticks and Cream Cheese or Cheddar Jalapeno Poppers provide easy-access handhelds with high-caliber ingredients that guests will be able to taste. The Entice® portfolio has a line of golden-brown, crispy, fried egg rolls, with fillings ranging from pizza, to southwest chicken, to steak & cheese — options for just about any preference. And you can pair them with in-house dipping sauces unique to your brand.

Comfort in Quality

Research shows that food quality is the top consideration for guests when weighing takeout options. Of course, digital engagement, online ordering efficiency, and timeliness are all important factors as well, but if at-home diners don’t respond well to the look, taste, and durability of a dish, winning repeat business could be difficult.

Consider seeking out products with a legacy you can trust — and a consistency that your guests will notice. Roma®, for example, is built on nearly 70 years of commitment to quality and authenticity. Ingredients and preparations are sourced from Old World-style specialists. These Italian experts also know that cost control and labor are top of mind, so they’ve crafted versatile items like Roma Gourmet Beef and Pork Meatballs and Gourmet Cheese Tortellini, fully cooked and frozen for both optimal usage and top-quality takeout/delivery meals. With applications in sandwiches, salads, platters, and hors d’oeuvres, you can have parties and tailgates covered.

Have Food, Will Travel

Your delicious meals have to travel from point A to point B, so the right takeout/delivery containers are essential for providing top service. Not only that, but many consumers are prioritizing more sustainable packaging with their orders.

Choosing non-foods products from brands like First Mark® can help meet takeout expectations. First Mark has a variety of containers with enclosures and lids that are reliable, durable, and recyclable — made with more environmentally-friendly materials. So, your meatballs, portable pastas, and shareables like Roma Eggplant Fries — freshly picked eggplant battered and breaded for a consistently crunchy exterior — will arrive at a fall backyard event looking, smelling, and tasting as fresh as possible.

With busy fall schedules, consumers want to get their hands on your food in a number of different ways and in several different locations. Harvest even more fall daypart revenue by serving party favorites that maintain quality and consistency.

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