Thursday, November 11 is Veterans Day, and it presents a great opportunity to show appreciation for the brave men and women who have served our country in the military.

This year, skip the empty Instagram platitudes and show up with meaningful thanks for our veterans. Here’s how:

Offer Discounts and Freebies

Create a Veterans Day deal that extends through the weekend to honor military families all weekend long. Whether you offer a set discount, a free meal, or other perks, be sure to share your LTOs online and with local press. There are often round-ups of discounts for veterans in local newspapers, and you want to make sure you give press enough time to include you. If you already offer a military discount, consider increasing it during the holiday weekend.

Connect with Charities

Beyond offering discounts to vets, look for ways to make a meaningful contribution to the military community. Reach out to Veterans Service Organizations, or VSOs, and ask how your business can become involved. It may be by continuous charitable giving or by catering events at the local VSO. Or consider matching customer donations to a local organization that supports veterans. Research local and national organizations that support vets and determine how your business can have a positive impact.

Uplift Veteran-Owned Businesses

Look for veteran-owned businesses in your area to partner with and support. If you know of other veterans in the restaurant community, look for ways to collaborate with them and/or send business their way. This could include posting about them on social media.

Volunteer Time and Resources

Beyond charitable giving, organizations like VSOs and VAs need tangible services. Identify opportunities to volunteer and create a staff volunteering activity around those events.

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