Though the current unofficial record for reciting the most digits of pi (π) from memory is 100,000, the world's favorite mathematical constant is typically rounded to its first three significant figures: 3.14.

So, it’s no coincidence that March 14th is the perfect day to party with pi. Read on for tips on how to celebrate this number essential to measuring circles (and Egyptian pyramids!) — don't worry, no studying necessary.

Pi is for Pizza

Pi Day can't fully be enjoyed without a proper pizza pie! For a pie worth celebrating, put the focus on top-notch ingredients, like Roma® Neapolitan-Style Premio ‘00’ Fine Ground Flour, which is sifted until ultra-fine and made only from the soft, white interior of the grain rich in protein, yielding the best — and most authentically Italian — crust.

Creative and unique presentations will be the other thing that sells big on Pi Day. Offer dessert pizzas featuring a layer of cream cheese frosting topped with fruit or crushed cookies or turn entrees into a handheld slice. Try sliced tender steak, mushrooms, and thyme over a layer of umami-rich beef gravy as the sauce.

Viva Italia!

Pizza isn't the only way to party with pi, but you can still borrow tips from our Italian neighbors! Using a springform pan, stand par-cooked rigatoni upright and fill with tomato sauce, garlic, and cheese for a sliceable pasta pie.

Easter Pie is also an Italian savory springtime tradition. Filled with ham, various cured meats, ricotta, and other cheeses, this dish also known as "Pizza Rustica" is typically served as a meaty, cheese-laden indulgence after 40 days of Lent fasting.

For dessert, intrigue guests with something new — but beloved in Italy — Neapolitan Rice Pie. This rice and ricotta-filled pie is baked with milk and lemon peel, then mixed with eggs and sugar for a citrusy custard-like dessert that only needs a dusting of powdered sugar and a twist of lemon for perfect pi presentation.

Make It Mini

The popularity of miniature food has recently seen a surge on social media, not only because of the cuteness factor, but also nostalgia, as people immediately transport back to their childhood dollhouses and tabletop kid-friendly ovens. Take a tip from TikTok and apply the shrink factor to fill up your menu with shareable apps that celebrate pi — while being Instagrammably cute.

Make chicken pot pies in mini muffin tins and serve in a basket for the table. Use cookie cutters to cut circular shapes of raw pie crust sandwiched with your favorite fruit filling and a cake-pop stick for mini pie pops you can serve in a Mason jar tied with gingham fabric. And no Pi Day would be complete without trays full of mini pizza bites —like spongy bocconcini, mini soft whole milk mozzarella balls coupled with thick slices of Roma Hot and Mild Italian Sausages, perfect for skewering onto mini kabobs.

Play on Numbers

While pi may be considered an irrational number, your specials will make sense to guests. Advertise ahead of time so folks can do their homework. What about a mini-app sampler or certain drinks at 3 for $14? Or consider doing a $3.14 discount on LTO pizzas. Have some fun with it and host a "Pi Night" where you invite the public to say the most consecutive numbers of pi they can from memory. All participants get to spin a wheel for various prizes like meal discounts, free apps and drinks, gift certificates, and merchandise. The winner gets a special prize — and of course, bragging rights until next year!

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