Nothing says summer like relaxing on a sun-warmed patio with an ice-cold beverage. Take advantage of the heat and juice drink sales with these fresh, frosty cocktails and mocktails.

Elevate your summer beverage menu by executing some refreshing drinks that are trending for their bold, delicious flavors. All these ideas can be made with or without alcohol, so choose the best options for your customers.

Next-Level Lemonade

The quintessential summer drink, lemonade never goes out of style. Amplify the traditional take by infusing it with vodka, blueberries, fresh lemon juice, and a hint of vanilla. Give it tropical flair with pineapple juice, dark rum, and an orange slice garnish. Or offer a patriotic twist by creating a flag-inspired mocktail that layers lemonade with ice, grenadine, and blue curacao.

Flavorful Iced Tea

Iced tea is like lemonade’s summertime cousin: a cold drink that is always welcome on a hot day. But customers may not be craving an overly sweet version, so adding flavor in other ways is a great option.

Turn to fresh produce for inspiration. Mint and basil leaves are excellent companions to teas like Earl Grey or green, especially when topped with lemon or lime slices. Think about mixing peach or strawberry with a black tea for a fruitier variety. A splash of honey whiskey or bourbon will add an extra kick, making happy hour even more relaxing.

Grown Up Slushies

Help guests of any age beat the heat with a refreshing frozen slushie. These invigorating icees can serve as either a drink or a dessert.

Start with plenty of seasonal fruit, such as watermelon and strawberry or raspberry and lime, then add some soda water and ice. Stop here if you are creating a mocktail or include some vodka or silver tequila for a stronger treat. After blending thoroughly, let the concoction freeze for several hours before dividing it into cups and serving with a fresh garnish.

Modern Martinis

The classic concoction featuring vermouth and olives can feel a little heavy-handed when temperatures are in the 90s. Lighten up your martinis by keeping the traditional glass but bring in some new flavors with a premium sparkling water.

Squeeze some fresh citrus or passion fruit, mix in a bit of simple syrup, a handful of ice, and (optionally) a shot of your preferred spirit, then shake well, and pour.

Ginger Beer Cocktails

Pull out the copper mugs and prepare some simple, tasty cocktails using ginger beer as a base. You’ll never go wrong with a Moscow Mule or Pimm’s Cup, but the sky’s the limit on these bevvies.

Try a cranberry and gin Ginger Rickey with an effervescent ginger beer topper. Or, consider a Skeleton Key, which adds St. Germain elderflower liqueur and bourbon to the beer. Guests will line up for a fruity, fizzy ginger beer sangria, combining plenty of fresh fruit with sparkling white wine.

Replica Margaritas

Guests may avoid traditional margaritas, which are often thought of as being sugar-laden and high-calorie. Craft new, healthier takes on this signature drink, all of which are sure to please.

Using fresh grapefruit and lime juices, flavored sparkling water, and a low-cal sweetener, this combination can be served chilled or frozen. Regular or alcohol-free tequila can also be added, depending on your customer preferences.

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