Conservation of our natural resources and good stewardship of the environment is important. Buying your produce from local growers is one of the ways you can be sure you are doing your part to help the environment. Some produce items are traditionally sourced from domestic sources literally thousands of miles from your restaurant, and some products are sourced internationally - even farther. Ultimately, the cost to ship these products is substantial both in terms of dollars and natural resource consumption. You can avoid these costs through the purchase of locally grown products.

Your Assurance is Our Seal

How can you be sure the products you are getting are locally grown, and how can you be sure these products are packed under conditions that have had safety requirements enforced in their production? The answer is our seal. We put a seal of certification on each of our boxes that is grown within 250 miles of your local warehouse. You can look for that seal to know you have the right product that has been grown under our strict requirements for safety.

Available Products

Depending on the time of year, local farmers are able to provide a very diverse array of products. You should ask your sales representative about the products that are available to you under this program.


Product shipped from distant destinations can take 5 or more days to reach our warehouse in some cases. These products most frequently arrive via truck, having driven cross country under less than ideal conditions for sustaining product freshness. In contrast to that, imagine locally grown product which often is in our warehouse the day after harvest!

Supporting the Local Economy

In addition to the benefits gained from freshness, and conservation of our resources, there is a direct impact on our local economy when we buy local. Labor is required to grow and handle these products and moving those jobs to your local market is good for the local economy ... and your business.


Ask Your Sales Representative Today About Products Currently Available In Your Area.