The Story Behind the Chef

Katie joined Performance Foodservice in 2021 with more than 15 years of culinary experience.

Growing up just south of Denver, Katie attended Johnson & Wales University and graduated with honors in Culinary Arts. After school, she quickly worked her way up the ranks in Denver and St. Louis, gaining experience and holding high ranking positions in a variety of foodservice operations, including catering, farm-to-table, and high-end casino dining.

Katie now resides in Wisconsin, where she is the Corporate Chef for PFS-Milwaukee. It’s been a dream job helping customers work through challenges and sparking creativity in their menus. In her position, Katie covers everything from menu and recipe ideation, to kitchen layout design, and labor solutions.

Her passion for cooking and food runs deep. The opportunity to learn something new and the honor to teach someone else through food is very rewarding to this accomplished chef.