Delancey Street Deli Whole Muscle Deli Meats

Great deli meals start with the best USDA Choice Beef and Delancey Street Deli® Fresh, Whole Muscle Deli Meats are no exception. The roast beef starts with USDA Choice Top Round and the corned beef and pastrami begin with USDA Choice bottom round flat brisket. You will not find a more suitable companion to our Delancey Street Deli® Artisan Breads than the fresh, fully cooked whole muscle meats available in Delancey Street Deli®.

Delancey Street Deli® Fresh, Whole Muscle Deli Meats are made with simple ingredients and contain no additives and no preservatives. These gourmet whole muscle meats allow the operator to slice as thin or thick as preferred and as needed which eliminates waste and promotes 100% usable product, that is delicious, fresh, consistent, juicy and a winner time and time again.

Prepared Sous vide style, Delancey Street Deli® Roast Beef is a fully cooked, clean label, ready to slice and serve protein that makes any roast beef sandwich even better. Minimally seasoned and processed to let the rich taste of USDA Choice Top Round beef shine through, Delancey Street Deli® Roast Beef is available either rare or medium rare depending on operator needs.

Brined in traditional spices, Delancey Street Deli® Choice Corned Beef flat is made from USDA Choice brisket flats, prepared sous vide style and is brimming with juicy, whole muscle, ready to serve corned beef.

Minimally processed with the best ingredients, it is ready to slice for reubens and corned beef on rye, or can be sliced thick for from scratch corned beef hash. Delancey Street Deli® Pastrami uses the same raw materials and seasonings and slow cooks the brisket, over hardwoods, low and slow to deliver a mouth watering taste.

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