FlavorSmith Ketchup and mustardFlavorSmith™ Ketchup is produced using only the highest quality tomato concentrate, corn sweeteners, vinegar and spices. Made from mature, vine-ripened tomatoes, FlavorSmith™ Ketchup is comparable to the leading national brand… but, we think it tastes even better! FlavorSmith Ketchup has a high concentration of tomatoes, giving it the “Fancy” classification and is available in a 14-ounce squeeze bottle and a 20-ounce upside down squeezable bottle. This product will replace Delectables and Culinary Secrets tabletop ketchup products as those inventories are exhausted. The same great taste, but a more consistent look for your operators’ tables.

Our new FlavorSmith™ tabletop squeezable yellow mustard puts a competitively priced product with quality taste on operators’ tables. This condiment essential is a consumer-friendly product that looks, pours and tastes like the leading consumer brands. Available in an 13-ounce yellow squeeze bottle, this product always looks full on operators’ tables for a uniform look. Take advantage of this new offering for customers looking for a better value alternative to national brands.

Tabletop Fancy Ketchup and Mustard Features

  • Comparable taste to Heinz and Hunts brands, but at a more attractive pricepoint
  • Mature, vine-ripened tomatoes which are concentrated, milled and homogenized to a silky smooth shiny finish - the perfect consistency for the heartiest french fries
  • Pleasant acidic tomato flavor, with hints of onion and sweet spices
  • Ketchup is packed in 2 sizes convenient red 14-ounce squeeze plastic bottle and 20-ounce upside-down squeeze bottle
  • Mustard is packed in 13 ounce wide bottom bottle

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