FlavorSmith™ PCsWith this announcement, we are introducing breakfast PCs, as well as a portfolio of savory PCs in the FlavorSmith™ brand.

FlavorSmith™ PCs offer a variety of products and pack sizes to meet the needs of most operators. FlavorSmith™ PCs present an excellent opportunity to sell these products with our First Mark® and Silver Source® to-go packaging, and with our further processed foods.

FlavorSmith™ breakfast PCs consists of pre-portioned and packaged FlavorSmith™ Honey Packet, FlavorSmith™ Grape Jelly Packet, FlavorSmith™ Strawberry Jam Packet, and FlavorSmith™ Peanut Butter Packet. FlavorSmith™ breakfast PCs are packed in 200 count packets per case. This announcement today includes the immediate availability of conversions from West Creek® portion-control (PC) packets to FlavorSmith™ portion-control packets.

FlavorSmith™ breakfast PCs have fresh, bright packaging that is ideal for any quickservice restaurant. These PCs provide more sanitary service, eliminate food waste, have a long shelf-life, and enhance speed in preparing to-go orders.

Our fourteen new exclusive branded, savory portion-control (PC) packets include FlavorSmith™ BBQ Sauce Packet, FlavorSmith™ Ketchup Packet, FlavorSmith™ Mustard Packet, FlavorSmith™ Mayonnaise Packet, FlavorSmith™ Tartar Sauce Packet, and FlavorSmith™ Taco Sauce Packet, and FlavorSmith™ Hot Sauce Packet.

These FlavorSmith™ PCs have fresh, bright packaging, and are portable, convenient, tamper evident, reduce product waste, and taste great! They are ideal for to-go menus, concessions, quick service restaurants, convenience stores, and other operations where portability is key.

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