Fresh Lock Frozen Steak Program

The beef market can fluctuate with regard to product availability and price on a moment’s notice. To help moderate those fluctuations in both supply and price, Performance Foodservice is pleased to present the Fresh Lock™ Frozen Steak Program. The hallmark of this program is to deliver a delicious, quality product with less variability in pricing while locking in freshness and flavor during high times or volatile market conditions.

The Performance Foodservice Fresh Lock™ Frozen Steak Program allows for consistent pricing throughout the year and a wide variety of cut steaks. All of the products in the Fresh Lock™ Frozen Steak Progam are high quality items that are sourced when most advantageous to the market. The frozen steak products in this program are aged to give the beef a delicious taste and texture, similar to what you would find in a top notch fresh steak program.

The added advantage of the Fresh Lock™ Frozen Steak Program is the ability to lock in the flavor and the price of cut steaks when the market is most favorable. The fresh frozen steaks are individually cut into portions and wrapped, to ensure a variety of products with the extended shelf life that freezing meat offers.

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