Piancone® Epicureo Bronze Die High Protein Pasta is made from the finest milled, artisanal quality high protein, high gluten durum wheat semolina flour. The bronze die process creates a more precise cut and abrasive texture to the external wall of the pasta allowing more cling that reduces the amount of sauce used in dishes. Teflon die pasta is smoother and has the disadvantage of the sauce sliding off rather than sticking to it.

Piancone Epicureo Bronze Die High Protein Pastas complement the finest menus in any high-end, white tablecloth restaurant or any restaurant that serves pasta. Easy, consistent and crafted with Italian pride and heritage, Piancone Epicureo Bronze Die High Protein Pastas have an excellent bite and texture that grips sauces. It absorbs less water than other wheat high in protein that makes the finest dry pasta imaginable. Piancone Epicureo Imported Bronze Die High Protein Pasta is the best the world has to offer.

Choose from of Fusilli, Linguine, Penne Rigate and Spaghetti and Egg Nest Fettuccine.

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