Piancone┬« Epicureo Fresh Frozen PastaBecause of the outstanding success of our Piancone® Epicureo Fresh Frozen Pastas by Lilly’s, we are pleased to announce a line extension of seven new chef pack 5-ounce pre-portioned long cut pastas, two preparations of gnocchi, and two filled pasta items in our Piancone® Epicureo brand portfolio. This is our highest premium quality brand in our Italian family of products and exclusive to Performance Foodservice.

You are likely familiar with the outstanding quality of fresh frozen pasta products in our Piancone® Epicureo portfolio. We have expanded this line to include labor-saving, chef packs of long cut pastas – angel hair, fettuccine, pappardelle, spaghetti, spinach spaghetti, and tagliatelle all packed 27/5-ounce portions per box. The chef packs can be cooked from frozen or thawed in just 30 minutes in the cooler and then cooked in just minutes – allowing for minimal waste as the operator can thaw just portions at a time.

In addition to the chef packs, we are adding two stuffed pastas: double-bellied spinach and ricotta ravioli packed 2/3 LBS, and truffle and ricotta casoncelli packed 2/4 LBS per box.

Rounding out the line extension are two varieties of gnocchi: "hand-rolled" gnocchi – silky smooth texture which is essentially a lighter potato dumpling that is soft and delicate and made from boiled potatoes, flour, eggs, a little salt, and a tiny pinch of nutmeg, and "traditional" potato gnocchi – same quality ingredients as above, but very much a different texture featuring lines and grooves across the body of the gnocchi; they have a heartier plump to them. The grooves are great for thick sauces because the sauce will adhere itself into the grooves of the gnocchi.

Offering fresh frozen pasta in our high-end brand portfolio Piancone® Epicureo has never been easier. Just cook, sauce, and serve.

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