Piancone Jumbo RavioliPerformance Foodservice proudly presents Piancone® Jumbo Round Gourmet Cheese Ravioli made with Bacio® Cheese.  This elegant looking ravioli has a beautiful scalloped edge which enhances the visual appeal of any dish. From the first bite, customers will fall in love with the indulgent and creamy cheese filling - made with Bacio cheese, wrapped in tender durum dough. Contact your sales representative today to find out how you can add this premium ravioli to your menu.

Perfect for:
Dine-in, Delivery & Takeout
Entrées & Family Style Meals
Italian Casual, Midscale and Fine Dining
Bar & Grille

Features and Benefits:
Frozen at the peak of freshness
Save on labor: Precooked, cooks in 5-7 minutes for easy preparation
Ability to use what you need and portion control
Contains a blend of sharp provolone and whole milk mozzarella cheese with a Kiss of Buffalo Milk™
Made with enriched durum flour, creating a softer and more durable dough
Pairs great with ROMA Gourmet branded meatballs

Contact your sales representative for product availability in your area.

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