Pasta in sauce with parmesan cheesePerformance Foodservice proudly presents Piancone® Epicureo Super Premium High Protein Bronze & Teflon Die Cut Pasta. The durum wheat variety selected for Piancone® Epicureo is one of the finest in the whole world for milling and pasta-making characteristics. The high protein content (14%) and consequently the high‑gluten content, inhibits the release of starch during cooking to preserve both the flavor and texture of the product. Piancone® Epicureo Pasta is extruded from Bronze or Teflon dies: the type used depends on the characteristics that need to be enhanced for each shape. The bronze‑die process creates a more precise cut and abrasive texture to the external wall of the pasta allowing more cling that reduces the amount of sauce used in dishes.

Choose from Cavatappi, Farfalle, Medium Shells, Ziti, Bucatini, Capellini and Spaghettini.  Bulk size bags are now packed 2/10-lb. packs.

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