Piancone® Frozen Pesto and Alfredo Sauces

Introducing Piancone® Frozen Pesto Sauce without Pine Nuts (available in two different pack sizes), Piancone® Frozen Basil Pesto Sauce with Pine Nuts, Piancone® Frozen Pesto Sauce with Sundried Tomatoes and Garlic, Piancone® Frozen Pesto Sauce with Roasted Garlic, and Piancone® Frozen Alfredo sauce with Pecorino Romano Cheese.

Piancone® Frozen Pesto and Alfredo Sauces are made with Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, no soy or vegetable oils, and Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese, to create a perfect texture, amazing flavor profiles, and authentic taste. Piancone® Frozen Pesto Sauces use coarse ground basil, instead of high speed blend basil. Piancone® Frozen Pesto Sauces arrive frozen and can be simply thawed and added to pasta or protein items. Piancone® Frozen Alfredo Sauce arrives frozen and should be kept frozen until ready to use. Simply boil in the bag or heat in a pan to 160 degrees Farenheit.

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