West Creek® Hollandaise Sauce Mix and Alfredo Sauce Mix

Performance Foodservice proudly presents West Creek® Hollandaise Sauce Mix and Alfredo Sauce Mix. The West Creek® brand is home to a host of kitchen staples and represents quality, consistency, and value. These branded, quality sauce mixes are easy to prepare by simply adding water and/or butter to create signature dishes and are available in 8/ 14-oz. bags of dry mix. Each bag of mix will yield a half gallon of prepared sauce. West Creek Hollandaise Sauce Mix and Alfredo Sauce Mix have no added MSG, except that which naturally occurs in yeast extract.

Hollandaise Sauce is a classic French sauce of melted butter, egg yolks, and lemon juice. It often is a difficult sauce to master. Too much of one ingredient or another combined with too much or little heat could curdle into scrambled eggs. With West Creek® Hollandaise Sauce Mix, there is no guessing game, and the result is a thick and creamy sauce with each preparation. This sauce is ideal for breakfast or brunch dishes like Eggs Benedict, but it is also a wonderful accompaniment to grilled or steamed vegetables, or poached fish.

Alfredo Sauce traces back to a restaurateur named Alfredo di Lelio who named his simple white sauce after himself. This sauce is traditionally made by melting butter, heavy cream, and parmesan cheese together to achieve a mouth-watering sauce. West Creek® Alfredo Sauce Mix saves time and labor and achieves the same results of a creamy, silky-smooth cheese sauce without all the work! This sauce is, of course, delicious served over pasta, but is also ideal to serve over gnocchi, as a pizza topping, and drizzled over vegetables or fish.

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