Tips for implementing staff face mask policies

As restaurants begin to re-open and allow guests to dine in, restaurant owners must come up with new safety protocols to protect both staff and guests. One key component in decreasing the transmission of COVID-19 is requiring all staff to wear face masks. Let’s take a look at how to make face masks a part of your restaurant’s safety regimen.

All Staff

  • Update your employee policies to include a temporary provision mandating that all staff wear face masks while on the premises, with the exception of their break time, which should take place away from areas that are visible to guests.
  • Train staff in the proper way to put on, wear, and dispose of masks.
  • Wash hands before putting on masks.
  • Do not touch masks once they are in place.
  • Behind the MaskRemove masks if they are torn or damp.
  • Masks should fully cover the mouth and nose and fit snugly around the face.Provide masks for all employees. Consider purchasing face masks in bulk and providing each employee with at least two masks, as well as keeping some on hand at the restaurant.

Front of House

  • Look for washable cotton masks with pockets for filters. Some designs allow the wearer to replace the elastic straps on the side if they break or wear down over time.
  • Try to find masks that have several sizing options to accommodate different face sizes. The better the fit, the better the masks can work.
  • Some brands are making masks in custom colors or with custom images. You may want to reinforce company branding on face masks for FOH staff since you are making an investment in them and requiring staff to wear them.

Back of House

  • Disposables are a more practical solution for BOH staff, who are regularly in contact with steam, grease, and food particles.
  • Comfort is essential for both masks and gloves to ensure that staff wear them at all times. Provide a range of sizes to make sure masks fit properly.

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