Soup season is the remedy to chillier temps – providing soothing versatility and flavor that’s easy to prepare.

Full of delicious fall ingredients that meet consumer demand, soup is the ideal comfort food for both guests and chefs. And because it’s increasingly important to find solutions that ease the burden on your team while maintaining high-quality service, frozen soup options may just be the key to adding a little warmth to fall menus.

Scratch-Made Taste

While many chefs feel inclined to make their soups from scratch, switching to a frozen soup saves time and labor without sacrificing quality. Frozen soups deliver the same scratch-made flavor that patrons enjoy; the difference is that staff are free to focus their efforts on other areas. With a ready-to-serve soup that has a long-lasting shelf life, it’s easier to offer variety day in and day out, even beyond soup season.

Reduce Waste and Costs

With frozen prepared soups, you can slack out smaller portions, avoiding the issue of “use it or lose it.” Soup can be served on its own or used as a speed-scratch ingredient to create unique dishes. Sauces, dressings, and dips are just a few ways to puts its versatility to the test. This variety of applications helps to minimize ingredient costs and maximize inventory.

Comfy, Creative Offerings

Frozen prepared soups are also a canvas for chefs to add their own twists. For a signature tomato or marinara sauce, use roasted red pepper and smoked Gouda bisque as a base, and blend olive oil, onion, and roasted garlic. Or mix in smoked Gouda, oregano, and parsley with penne pasta. Add to the comfort level with a protein like sausage and garnish with red bell peppers. You can even switch up your seasonal seafood soup with a curried shrimp bisque, using creamy tomato basil bisque as a base. Combine shrimp, green onions, cream, tomato paste, curry powder, and seafood seasoning to create a deliciously on-trend dish.

Easy-to-prep soup products can help optimize ingredients, for example, turning your French onion soup into an onion dip by adding cream cheese, sour cream, roasted garlic, and crispy fried onions. You could also consider replacing sour cream with Greek yogurt and serve with an array of vegetables. Boost other segments of your menu by combining roasted red pepper and smoked Gouda bisque with mayonnaise to add innovative flavors to your sandwich offerings or dipping sauces.

Soup Spin on Customization

It’s important to be able to integrate customization into today’s style of serving as well. For instance, consider packaging soup toppings in mini containers for off-premise dining. Think of chili toppings like scallions, avocado, and crumbled queso fresco that guests can use to personalize and add pizzazz to their meals at home.

Soup can have a similar effect to a cozy fall sweater – warm, comforting, and a perfect fit depending on guest tastes. Make it easier on your kitchen and bottom line with frozen prepared soups for any seasonal occasion.

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