It’s that time of year when potential customers are starting to brainstorm their holiday plans.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to gain some annual customers – chances are if you impress them during the crazy holiday season, they may just call you for another event in the future. These four tips will help you hone the craft of catering this season, and will hopefully assist you with in growing revenue during the holidays!

Offer Options

Since catering usually is not a “one size fits all” type of revenue stream, why not offer your catering services in multiple formats? You have to be unique and flexible in your offering. Ready yourself with all types of options such as on-site, off-premise, family style, buffet, plated and hors d’oeuvres-only options for your customers. Not every customer needs the same choices, so offering them all will ensure that you don’t eliminate any potential business.

Create Your Catering Menu

Make sure you build your catering menu from items you already have in inventory as much as possible. To further this, try to offer as many applicable dishes off your standard menu into your catering menu. Offering your same core menu items in different packaging and quantities is a great way to build a base catering menu.

Identify Your Catering Staff

Review your staff and decide who on your team can currently be the point person for the catering. Make sure you select someone who is responsible, has great follow-up skills, is detail oriented, and can think and make decisions on the fly. Having a key person who can handle catering as it comes in along with other daily operational duties can really help you build your business quickly.

Market Your Catering

Safely drop off catering menus at local businesses and in residential neighborhoods. Seek out outdoor events to provide samples. Business-to-business sales is a massive industry for one reason…it works! Have your key catering person reach out to offices, schools, and local businesses. Create a robust marketing presence on social media. If you are willing to be flexible and build some custom catering options, you would be surprised how many lucrative functions you can land..

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