We don’t have to tell you that the industry has been hit hard and potential variants are only making it tougher. But no matter what comes, we’ve got your back.

Check out this guide to see what strategies can help navigate unforeseen challenges and keep employees and customers safe.

The Best Defense

Customers expect heightened safety practices to feel confident and comfortable when dining in. Keep tables at six feet apart and utilize a little more of your outdoor space if you have it to encourage customers to venture out.

When it comes to cleanliness, disinfecting and sanitizing your restaurant should be routine by now. Businesses like our OneSource partner, DMS Sanitation, can offer effective and affordable solutions to pests and plumbing issues to ensure a hygienic back of the house.

Dream Team

Safety practices and hygienic procedures are nothing without a well-trained, well-cared for staff. Ensure all staff is trained in your current safety practices and cleanliness protocols. Provide employee testing and ensure there are plenty of gloves, face masks, hand sanitizing stations, and other PPE. In the event of an issue, make sure you have enough staff to cover shifts and give staff sick time off.

Pick-Up Game

Many customers are still opting for delivery, curbside, and takeout. Make sure your off-premise dining program is ready for the uptick in orders and running smoothly. Take extra precautions with lid stickers and tamper-proof seals.

Incentivize off-premise dining as another way to boost sales. If guests can get rewards for ordering online, it’s a great way to increase online orders. Consumers prefer to use an app or website to order, so use that to your advantage!

Game-Time Experience

Just because your safety and cleanliness practices maybe heightened, doesn’t mean you can’t still offer fun experiences for your customers. Diners are craving and expecting a good time when they dine out — whether that’s on your patio in a heated igloo, a beer dinner, a seasonal pop-up, or an Instagrammable cocktail special. Many consumers are still inclined to go out, but they need to feel comfortable and safe when they do.

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