As soon as the sugar rush wears off from Halloween, holiday dessert season is officially in full swing. Whether it’s a seasonal dessert menu or grab-and-go items to please a crowd, we’ve got six tips for how to boost sales with holiday sweets.

Seasonal & Unique

For your menu of sweet goodies, think about your brand and what kind of dishes make sense for you. Embrace seasonal flavors while putting your own spin on things. This could mean boozy coffee drinks with biscotti or outrageous layer cakes — it’s all about what your team can do that’s unique and special to your restaurant.

Family Size Portions

With holiday events approaching, guests will be looking for options that they can share when entertaining friends and family. Consider offering a menu of pies, cakes, cookies, and bars that are sold in a larger format to feed a crowd. Pull items from your existing dessert menu and brainstorm dishes that can be made with ingredients you already have on hand to avoid needing additional product. Share your menu in a pop-up on your website and via touchpoints in your restaurant, and of course, with your social media and newsletter followers.

Host a Dessert Event

As you ramp up your sales of holiday sweets, host a tasting event to encourage folks to sample your offerings. It could be a Mommy & Me cookie decorating class or a dessert & wine pairing event. Think about this kind of event as a way to drive traffic during off hours while pointing people to your dessert and catering menu. As you get into December, a Brunch with Santa is a good way to get guests in the door.

Sell Building Blocks

Some folks will be attracted to the semi-homemade options, so think about ways you can fit this niche, such as offering pre-made, un-baked pie crusts or your own house-made caramel sauce so that home cooks can get a head start with professional ingredients.

Build Your Own Bundles

If you have a variety of offerings, look for ways that guests can package them up into bundles, like a “Build Your Own Cookie Jar” with various selections from your dessert menu or a pie sampler that includes quarters of pies put together in one dish. Guests will appreciate the customization and ability to get something for everyone on their list.

Host Gifts To-Go

With holiday parties aplenty, folks are looking for quick and special gifts to grab on the way to their destination. Keep your grab-and-go section stocked with treats like chocolate truffles, cookies, and spiced nuts; recommend pairing with a bottle of wine for a lovely and memorable gift.

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