Bay Winds BBQ ShrimpValue You Can Sea

Exclusive to Performance, Bay Winds® features the highest-quality and naturally sourced seafood available.

Every pound of Bay Winds All-Natural White Shrimp has an incredible story. The mangrove forests along the Pacific Coast of Ecuador are some of the best locations in the world to find these delicious items. They are wild-caught in other prime, sustainable locations as well, like the northern ice shores of Antarctica, or the unique Kuroshio and Oyashio currents, north of Hokkaido, Japan. They contain no added phosphates, as to maintain their wild, natural taste, exquisite bite, and quality texture.

Using cutting-edge methods, our processes for farming and production ensure the shrimp has a perfect bite and a naturally mild and sweet flavor — no other company has been able to crack the code. This process results in shrimp that keep their size when cooked as well. The meat is firm, yet tender and cooks to a classic shrimp color.

With Bay Winds Shrimp, chefs have the opportunity to serve the perfect seafood dish every time. We are detailed in our approach to uniformity, color, texture, and servings-per-case. With our extensive portfolio, featuring a range of species, each chef can select the ideal product, from head-on whole, peeled and deveined, to finished cook.

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