McCormick Sourcing: It's What You Put into It

McCormick for Chefs travels to far-off lands in pursuit of pure herbs and spices. Since 1889, it's been their quest to search for high quality ingredients. Quality and safety are top priorities of McCormick, and their investment in these areas is the largest in the spice and seasoning industry. Where possible, McCormick sources quality, whole-form spices and herbs. Their sourcing organization has a combined total of more than 100 years of experience in the spice trade. They inspect every lot for extraneous matter, representing several million ingredient and product analyses each year. In addition, McCormick spices are treated through a steaming process.

Great meals start with great flavor, and flavor is at the heart of everything they do. McCormick is the Taste You Trust™, in no small part because their quality programs and expertise cover an extensive range of competencies, and ingredients, leveraging strategic relationships, GFSI vender certification requirements, and sensory science to guarantee product satisfaction from harvest to production.


Much of McCormick business grows out of the soil, and it’s what keeps them mindful of their role in protecting Earth's resources. Their respect for land and supplier relationships, producers, employees, and communities all go into the quality of the flavors they deliver. McCormick is committed to continuously reducing global water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, plastic packaging, and solid waste. This earned them #1 Food Company of Corporate Knights’ 2019 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations Index.

McCormick is a company of flavor innovators, explorers, trend trackers, and researchers. But they're also a company of involved citizens, community volunteers, nutrition-conscious parents, and family members. All of which informs how they operate as a company and empower their employees—whether it’s improving communities, providing healthier flavor solutions, reducing environmental impact or investing in quality, sustainable agriculture.


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