Bringing back your crew will have its own set of challenges as your business evolves and employees learn the new norm.

Having furloughed or let go of many employees, most employers are probably anxious to re-hire their pre-coronavirus crews. Before reaching out to staff, think critically about how many FOH and BOH employees you will need to reopen, assuming that your numbers will be below what you’re used to. Start with a small crew of well-trained employees with open availability to cover your first few weeks, and then reevaluate your needs to determine if more staff are necessary as you move forward.

If you’ve been able to retain staff during this time to fill delivery and takeout orders, start by offering this staff more hours, but keep in mind, guests will likely continue to use delivery/takeout options in addition to dining in, so make sure to have the right amount of staff to cover both needs.

Consider the following:

  • Ramp up staff slowly, depending on customer demand.
  • Communicate all operational changes to staff up front to ensure their safety.
  • Pay an employee a reduced hourly fee to be “on call” during service to help meet demand. Pay would shift to full pay if called in to work.
  • Check with local ordinances regarding requirements for rehiring laid off or furloughed employees.
  • Keep your take-out and curbside offerings going, and staff accordingly.

Additional Resources:

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*This information is presented for guidance only, and is not a formal endorsement or recommendation of a particular response. This information is not legal, financial, medical, or safety advice. Please consult the CDC and your state’s department of public health for up-to-date guidance for your location.

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