Because the way we work together and interact with customers is changing, your policies must too.

Operators have a unique responsibility to ensure the health of staff and customers during this unprecedented time. You must prohibit sick employees from being in the workplace, be strict about handwashing practices, continuously clean and sanitize surfaces, use masks and gloves, and deploy social distancing measures throughout your operation. The best way to enforce all of this in your operation is to develop, implement, train and communicate policies.

Consider the following:

  • Have all employees complete a “Wellness Check-in” with the manager
  • Stagger work stations so employees are not side-by-side or facing each other
  • Implement temperature readings before each shift and keep a log book
  • Conduct training on operation policies and procedures in addition to food handler training like SevSafe 

Additional Resources:

COVID-19 Guidance

The National Restaurant Association and the FDA have issued COVID-19 Reopening Guidance that can help you think through the policies and procedures you may need. Read through their guidance as well as any local ordinances to better understand any adjustments you may need to make.

National Restaurant Association Reopening Guide

FDA Best Practices (English)

FDA Best Practices (Espanol)

FDA Infographic (English)

FDA Infographic (Espanol)

Employee Training

In addition to ServSafe and food handler training, there are programs available for waitstaff and other roles throughout your operation - some of which are online and free.


Always Food Safe 


Employee Manual

If you do not currently have a manual, we are here to help. Use our template to help get you started.

Employee Manual Template

Opening and Closing Checklists

After you have established and updated your policies and procedures, you will need to update all opening and closing checklists. Download our example checklists.

Front of House Opening and Closing Checklists

Back of House Opening and Closing Checklists

Dishwasher Opening and Closing Checklists

*This information is presented for guidance only, and is not a formal endorsement or recommendation of a particular response. This information is not legal, financial, medical, or safety advice. Please consult the CDC and your state’s department of public health for up-to-date guidance for your location.

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