me&u is the global leader in at-table ordering, with the vision of building a better, smarter future for hospitality. From a simple scan of a QR code, customers can order & pay from the convenience of their cellphones. Using our game-changing technology and rich data, me&u can help you unlock efficiencies beyond traditional hospitality methods.

Where we add value:

  • Increase sales - by increasing basket size and reorder frequency. Helping you turn tables faster, increasing tips for your staff, and encouraging repeat visits.
  • Reduce costs - servers can manage larger sections, plus we help you reduce walkouts and chargebacks.
  • Better customer experience - super easy and convenient, one-touch payment, no need to wait for service.
  • Industry best data and insights - we collect customer data for you, unlocking insights to help your business grow.

How does it work?

Customers scan a QR code to view the visual menu. They can order, pay, add a tip and their order is sent straight to the kitchen or bar. With solutions built for both counter service and full service, we empower your servers to improve the customer experience. Customers spend more on me&u due to the visual menu, which prompts them to order higher-margin products and uses machine learning algorithms to provide recommendations.

Here are some of our smart features to boost your bottom line:

  • Featured Product - highlights one item at the top of your menu to influence customer ordering decisions. Can be used to hero a signature cocktail, a Chef’s special, or to feature an item.
  • Premiumization - encourage customers to select a larger beverage size or higher margin drink brand by pinning the product to the top of a list with a recommended tag and preselecting it for the customer.
  • Quick sells, upsells and pairings - recommend additional products, such as adding fries or a salad to your order or adding extras like bacon to your burger.
  • Another round - one touch reordering remembers your customer’s order history so they can order another round with the touch of a button.

Let us find a solution that fits your business needs. Our team is with you every step of the way, with around-the-clock 24/7 support.

Performance Foodservice customers receive special pricing, including discounted commission rates, license fees, setup fees and custom beacons.

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