Patrons are still looking to party – even at home. Leading up to Cinco de Mayo, help them celebrate.

Foodies are constantly in the mood to celebrate great cuisine, and it’s been a treat watching families find creative ways to get their fiesta on, despite being stuck at home. With one of the most popular spring events approaching in Cinco de Mayo, here’s what to remember about feeding these party people, while also boosting your takeout and delivery business.

In this new to-go environment, there’s a tendency to rely on traditional menu items such as pizza, burgers, family-style Italian, and Asian cuisine. But don’t overlook the demand A Takeout Fiestafor Mexican food. Restaurant consumers feel themselves missing the vibrant social element that Mexican restaurants have typically provided, notwithstanding the large portions of piping hot meat, flavorful sauces, deliciously messy finger foods, and relaxing beverages. So, bring the party to them. Party packs filled with tacos, chips and dipping sauces, churros and other desserts – even margaritas to go – will inspire people to kick their family fiestas up a notch. Build-your-own taco kits are a good alternative, providing a fun activity for the whole crew. Use social media to encourage guests to take and post party pics with your food. It’s amazing what folks are able to come up with in the spirit of culinary competition.

But don’t stop at tacos. Family-style offerings of seasoned chicken breast, street corn, spicy Mexican wings, and seafood dishes are all popular options. It’s also smart to try a slight twist on traditional favorites. Use Mexican meats and cheeses to create a Latin-inspired lasagna. Marinate beef in margarita and lime flavors, and roll traditional fajitas into melty burritos. There are ample varieties of Mexican cheese with which to experiment, alongside Italian and American cheese classics that allow for menu innovations. Don’t shy away from being extra cheesy this Cinco de Mayo.

As we head toward Cinco de Mayo and into summer, family fiestas will be heating up. Use a little creativity with an added emphasis on desserts and to-go beverages (margaritas anyone?), and your guests will be celebrating deliciously from their own homes.

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