The dog days of summer into fall is a time when many consumers want to escape to a new destination, whether abroad or the closest beach. Attract locals and tourists alike by taking them on a culinary tour with these menu tips.

Foodie Flights

They may not be jetting off to a new city or island, but you can make guests feel relaxed and rejuvenated with trendy food and beverage flights. These give guests the chance to try something new without committing to a full-size dish, and indecisive guests can try a variety of options. Plus, you get an opportunity to test new recipes and gauge feedback for potential permanent dishes.

Serve up fun margarita flights with different agave spirits, a mix of spicy and sweet flavors, and fresh garnishes. A flight of mini, iced espresso drinks or gelato flavors can also help traffic take off and create excitement around your offerings. Ensure these flights are highlighted on your social media to encourage guests to snag deals before they fly away.

Party with Passports

Give everyone the travel bug — even if they aren't leaving town — by offering a culinary passport to your establishment. Partner with diverse area restaurants to put together a food tour for guests to try small plates at your place for a fixed price. Highlight what’s special about your restaurant, and why tourists should visit your establishment. Give guests a stamp for stopping in and offer a free dessert or half off their next meal when they return to encourage customer loyalty.

Taste of the Tropics

An escape to a tropical island or exotic destination is on many consumers’ bucket lists, and you can cash in on that opportunity by bringing a taste of the tropics to them. Help your menu reflect the authentic flavors of the tropics by researching traditional dishes from various regions, such as the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, or Central America.

Dishes like jerk chicken, coconut curry, tropical fruit salads, or this Empire’s Treasure® Tuna Poke Rice Bowl can entice tourists and locals looking for unique culinary experiences. And don’t forget some light and breezy beverages for customers to sip on. Whip up rum-based cocktails, mocktails made with coconut water or cream, fresh fruit like papaya and mango, and top them off with vibrant garnishes, colorful umbrellas, and curly straws.

On Holiday

Transport your patrons to the charming streets and picturesque landscapes of Europe with LTOs that celebrate a variety of its rich culinary traditions. Whether it's the warm spices of a German market, homemade pasta from Italy, or dolmades from Greece, it’s sure to take your guests on a magical culinary escape.

Highlight regional specialties such as Spanish paella, French macarons for dessert, or this classic sun-dried tomato bucatini made with Piancone Epicureo® Marinara Sauce to give your menu an authentic touch that appeals to adventurous foodies.

Family Vacay

With kids out of school for a few more weeks, tourists and families are looking for places that are not only kid-friendly but also have good deals, so they can save money while traveling with the whole brood.

Offer a discount or BOGO on kids meals to attract families trying to savor the last of summer before hectic school and sports schedules ramp up. Host fun LTOs like a back-to-school special where kids build their own ice cream bowl or pizza. Consider donating a portion of the proceeds to a local school to help with supplies, increase traffic and sales, and encourage repeat business.

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