One thread of silver lining that’s come with the pandemic is a loosening of restrictions on takeout and delivery alcohol for restaurants in some states.

Allowing restaurants to offer takeout wine and beer as well as cocktails has opened a potentially lucrative revenue stream that shouldn’t be underestimated. Keep your beverage program in high demand through the cold winter months with these cozy cocktails.

Hot Buttered Rum

Come up with creative ways to put your own spin on this deliciously sweet libation, like using cider and various spices. A delux version of the classic cocktail can be poured over ice cream, so consider taking it the next step with your own housemade ice cream flavors for something truly unique.

Hot Chocolate

A hit for kids and grown-ups alike, consider offering a quart of hot chocolate with optional boozy add-ons for mom and dad to create a treat that works for the whole family. Serve with whipped cream or housemade marshmallows on the side. For alcoholic additions, pack up a few shots of Godiva liqueur or Frangelico.

Battle the Cold with Cozy ConcoctionsBoozy Whipped Coffee

Remember the whipped coffee craze? How about an alcoholic riff on that, spiked with vanilla vodka and Irish cream — a contemporary take on the standard Irish Coffee!

Spiked Chai Latte

The warming spices of a chai latte lend themselves to a boozy twist, pairing nicely with spiced rum and orange liqueur.

Mulled Wine

A great way to turn an ordinary bottle of wine into something much more special, mulled wine brings together deep, warming flavors like clove and cinnamon with sweetened red wine and a hint of citrus. Make it something that’s beautiful to behold and include instructions for reheating. This is another great cocktail to offer by the quart!

Hot Toddy

Who else used to fake a cough to get a little nip of hot toddy during the winter? A throwback version could feature a clever twist thanks to the inclusion of cognac and is guaranteed to warm up your guests from the inside out.

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